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Wearing these baja hoodies you will have no bad days, it's a senor baja joe lopez guarantee.

Senor Lopez Baja Hoodie vs Earth Ragz Baja Hoodie

A senor lopez baja hoodie and earth ragz baja hoodie are both sold in some malls. Well earth ragz used to be but now they go by the name baja joe hoodie and you can find them online at

Baja Joe Drug Rug Hoodie (aka Earth Ragz)

So the Earth Ragz hoodie used to be stiff and not have any give like the senor lopez poncho hoodie. But they changed to a softer and thicker weave with the baja joe hoodie. Some people like it more and some like it less, it just depends on what you are going for. They come in the following colors only: fuchsia, turquoise, teal, avocado, blue, charcoal/lime, rasta (red, black, yellow and green), navy/white, and pinstripe.

Senor Lopez Baja Hoodie Poncho Pullover

The senor lopez drug rug isn’t found as many places online and comes in new colors every year. They are harder to get a hold of but they are made in Mexico like all the other bajas in the world.

Mexican Threads

Where can you buy a baja hoodie online? is the leading online retailer and wholesaler of Mexican baja hoodies. They have the most colors and the most sizes to choose from. They have sold more than all other retailers combined and they make custom baja hoodies every 2 months to keep their inventory fresh and exciting for the large customer base around the world.

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What Makes a Sweatshirt a Drug Rug?


Characteristics of a Drug Rug

What makes a sweatshirt a drug rug exactly?

Well first off, it must have a kangaroo pocket in the front. And typically it needs to have some sort of pattern which is goes the opposite direction on the kangaroo pocket than on the rest of the hoodie. Typically the sweatshirt will have the pattern in a vertical pattern and the pocket will have the pattern going horizontally. Then, to be a true baja hoodie style, you should find that boardering the V neck slit there should also be a pattern going horizontally that is about 3 inches thick.

One of the most popular colors for baja hoodies is the rasta drug rug which means it has green, black, yellow and red in it.

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Authentic Drug Rug

Beware of the fakers and the haters. Get an authentic drug rug hoodie at Mexican Threads are the Largest and most wide known manufacturers of Baja Hoodies. They lead in colors and sizes and they have only the highest quality of bajas.

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Drug Rug Origin

The drug rug origin starts in Mexico in 1960 when a manufacturer named Orvin decided to make a pullover sweatshirt out of Mexican poncho material. He then added a hood and it became a Mexican poncho hoodie. They quickly became popular in Baja California for the tourists and became known by their real name “Baja Hoodie”.  So yes the drug rug actual name is a baja hoodie but you can call it by either.

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You can find a drug rug knitting pattern online at Mexican Threads where they are the largest manufacturer of baja hoodies in the world.

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Pink Drug Rug Hoodie

You can buy a pink drug rug hoodie online at

Mexican Threads™ is leading baja hoodie wholesale and manufacturer located in the United States. They have FREE shipping on everything in their online hippie shop. The pink baja jacket can be worn by Men or Women or Children.

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Where to Buy

From baja joe hoodie to the Molina Oaxaca and Artesanias Cuamatzi jerga hoodie. Better than etsy, zumiez and amazon.

What makes a sweatshirt a drug rug?

Baja Hoodie

The baja hoodie got its name from Baja California which is a touristy area in Mexico where locals sell these stripped Mexican poncho hoodies that have now become known as drug rug hoodies. Originally worn by surfers in California in the 70’s, they are now a mainstream piece of clothing that can be seen in every high school or college campus around the world. The main manufacturer/brand is known as Mexican Threads™ and they have the largest online selection of baja hoodies and drug rugs for sale at

No matter what color of drug rug hoodie you are looking for you will find it at

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Want to know what makes a hoodie a drug rug?


Drug Rugs for Sale

When looking for drug rugs for sale online, there is only 1 place to go and that is where they have the best bajas in the world. They make all of their Mexican baja hoodies from recycled t shirts in Mexico which makes them a very organic and Eco-friendly company.

Whether you are in the hunt for pink and purple colorful rainbow drug rug hoodie for girls or just a simple black and white striped one for men, you will find what you need at Mexican Threads. Every baja hoodie is unisex but is more true to the measurements of a mens hoodie even though either sex can wear them.

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